Our Products

Safety Showers & Eyewash

AG Corporation caters to the safety needs of varieties of industries all over the Middle East. We represent Hughes Safety Showers Co. UK, which is the world leading manufacturer of emergency safety showers, eyebaths and decontamination equipments & Honeywell Inc USA, the well respected market leader in portable eyewash stations.

We provide high quality safety showers, eyewash equipments and saline eyewash products to flush out any contamination by foreign bodies. It helps in cleansing the eyes and get rid of any irritation and soothes the eyes. Hughes Safety Showers Co. UK, products are meticulously designed and engineered to ensure that they are at the forefront of technology within their field. By using the state of the art materials and manufacturing techniques, it has been possible to develop an extensive range of products that not only look good, but are really forceful and therefore can be relied upon. Quality Assurance standard BS EN ISO9002 is ensured to maintain high standards of production.

Honeywell Inc USA, is the major player in portable eyewash stations and is recognized for its wide range of emergency eyewash products including the first 100% sterile sealed-fluid cartridge and 100% sterile delivery station, the first self-contained gravity-fed station & the first heated self gravity fed station.